Spanish Employee Handbook for Non-Native Speakers

Much can be lost in translation when employees with a poor grasp of English are forced to sign a handbook without fully understanding the policies contained therein. Your handbook is your protection, but if it can’t be read and understood by your employees, it does you no good. If language is a barrier between your employees and your employee policies, clear communication is the best way to overcome that barrier, and a Spanish-language handbook can help break that barrier down.

In 2012, a Colorado judge ruled in favor of 9 Spanish-speaking employees who, unable to read the English version of the handbooks presented to them, did not know the correct protocol for reporting the sexual harassment they were experiencing. The company would later settle the lawsuit for $255,000, a high price to pay for having all the right policies in place, but a poor grasp on how to communicate those policies to its non-English-speaking employees.

Companies need to communicate their policies, standards and procedures clearly to all their employees.  A Spanish employee handbook removes any barriers.