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What do I get with a Comprehensive Handbook?

Additional functionality and content

What is the difference between the free Basic and the $19.95 Comprehensive Handbook?

The free basic handbook is a well written document that can serve as a temporary or partial employee handbook. It contains some important language and is a useful tool, serving as a basic framework for your company.

The Comprehensive handbook is a more exhaustive document and contains useful policies, procedures, standards and ideas. These additional sections offer a complete framework that you can modify to suit your needs. The comprehensive manual has been generated for you and is ready to download when you upgrade your account.

There are about 20 additional sections included:

Welcome Statement, Introductory Period, Performance Reviews, Employment Records, Disciplinary Policy, Employee Conduct and Work Rules, Use of Communication and Computer Systems, Punctuality and Attendance, Personal and Company Owned Communication Devices, Personal Visitors and Telephone Calls, Inspections Smoking Policy, Confidential Company Information, No Solicitation / No Distribution, Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics, Equipment and Property Including Intellectual Property, Health and Safety, Hiring Relatives, Employee Relationships, Business Expense Reimbursement, References, Employee Acknowledgements

In addition to getting the Comprehensive handbook, an upgraded account gives you access to unlimited additional handbooks. This is especially useful if you have another business and would like to generate a handbook for each business. You can also make unlimited revisions to your handbook. Finally, when you upgrade your account, you get access to updated language in the handbook so you can be sure your document is always up to date. Click here to upgrade your account now.

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